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Examples of solutions to different types of problems.

Please help us expand this resource! Contribute an example by opening a pull request. You can also share what you've done or what you'd like to see in an issue.

Using pyodk and pandas for basic analysis

A standalone Jupyter notebook intended to introduce pyodk and show how it can be used with pandas and geopandas to perform basic analysis. Shows building a client and fetching data for a form. You can try this on your server using this form definition.

Going beyond pyodk's library methods

A standalone Jupyter notebook that shows how the raw HTTP method access and the API docs can be used together to make use of the full ODK Central API.

Working with repeats

A Jupyter notebook demonstrating some options for working with repeats.

App User provisioning script

A script that reads names from a CSV and creates an App User for each one that isn't currently used by an active App User on the server. Also creates customized QR codes for each new App User.

October 2022 webinar materials

A Jupyter notebook companion to an October 2022 webinar by Hélène Martin introducing pyodk. Includes link to the session recording.